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Ladybird Driving School Dublin have become one of the industry leaders when it comes to delivering driving lesson Dublin programmes and driving test preparation lessons in Dublin and surrounding counties.

Our panel of dedicated registered female driving instructors are some of the finest instructors in the Dublin which is the main driving force behind Ladybirds huge and rapid success.

12 EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

We deliver the 12 EDT lessons Dublin in a completely relaxed environment with no stress. This way you learn faster and absorb information a lot faster due to the relaxed frame of mind. On the lessons we cover everything from the Cockpit drill, to moving off to gear changing, stopping and dealing with complex situations.

Throughout the course we will endeavour to keep you calm but focussed and help you with your sponsor lessons also. Your sponsor is someone who will help you in between lessons to practice and ideally you would need 2 to 3 hours practice to assist your personal development and growth.

We will upload all of your 12 lessons Dublin onto the road Safety Authorities web portal and you can track your progress there on the Myedt section.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

No clutch means no problems and a lot less stress on busier roads. At Ladybird automatic driving lessons Dublin our instructors tell us that our automatic pupils are far more relaxed in built up areas and find the manoeuvres a lot easier as there is no clutch control needed.

If you require to pass your driving test with a automatic car then we are the driving school that can 100% make this happen. We’ve been helping students pass the automatic driving test for a number of years now so we know what we’re doing.

Car Hire for Driving Test Dublin

If you have a driving test coming up or need a Driving Schools in London A96

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